The “Funky Dunkel” Hefewiezen with Sea Bucktorn

A Dunkelwiezen there have a funky taste coming form the Sea Buck torn there is added during the end of boil and also by dry hopping with the Sea Buck Thorn. Furthermore Castle Malting “Cafe Light” malt is used to give flavors of nuts and cafe in after taste. If you wanna it to be very funky use a bit more Sea Bucktorn, but the more you use the longer it should storage before consumption as it else will be hard on the Funky side!

If you dont have access to Sea Buck Thorn you can just go ahead without hence becoming more common, or dry hop with 10-20 gram Citra insteed (see, Cit´Unkel –>! ).

Got consumed very fast by friends and Wife!

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Vital Statistics

Volume 11 litres
OG 1055
Boil Volume 13 litres
Boil gravity 1046
Alcohol (ABV) 5.5 %
Colour 36 EBC (Brown)
Bitterness 23 IBU
BU:GU 0.42
FG 1013


Pilsner Malt 3 EBC 964 g 33 %
Wheat Malt or Dark Wheat 3 EBC 1464 g 50 %
Cafe Light 250 EBC 180 g 6 %
(Flaked Oats)* 4 EBC 90 g 3 %
Melanoidin Malt (or Cara pils) 40 EBC 92 g 3 %
Flaked Wheat 3 EBC 90 g 3 %
Chocolate Malt** 900 EBC 25-50 g 2 %
Carbonation Dextrose 0 EBC (72) g
3002 g

* The Oats might not be needed. **if using pale “wheat” you amount of Cocolate malt should be on the high side.

Mash schedule

BIAB – 55@20min by 9,5 liter at 60´C resulting in the 55`C and then placed in oven@55`C –> Raised to 64-65@60min by adding 4 liter 80`C water again placed in oven@65´C –> Mash-out 74 grader over 15 min by raising temperature on stove.



Citra 11.0 % 3 g FWH~60 min boil min
Citra 11.0 % 4 g 30 min
Citra 11.0 % 4 g 5 min

Misc Ingredients

4 gram Sea Buck torn end of last 5 min boil + 2  gram dry hop i 5 days (I put the frozen berries in 5 min StarSan no-rinse, then sanitize them further with a bit boiling water, mash then and add) !


Fermentation MJ M20 Bavarian Wheat 5-6 gram dicetly added 18 °C 10 days
Fermentation Cold-crash 3 °C 1 days
Lagering No yeast added 25 °C 10 days
Lagering No yeast added 5 °C 3 days


Brewed this one 3 times see below for various changes/details!