Hoebaggen – The Summer Hefewifzen (clone of Hoegaarden)!

A very nice Summer Wheat close to a Hoegaarden clone and hence hold a orange twist coming from orange peel and the cascade used in the end of the boil together with a strong coriander tast. Easy to drink! It hold 50% wheat flour as the wheat part, and this can ofcouse be change whole or partly to normal wheat malt, but please notice it is said that wit is brewed with some flaked wheat/wheat flour! If using wheat flour then keep a close eye when bottling that you do not get the dipensed flour into the bottles, hence, consider cold crash of the beer before bottling!  MJ M21 Belgian Wit yeast seems to be a very good choice for his kind of beer! Please consider using flaked wheat as the cost is nearly the same as wheat flour Inspiration to this brew, link!

Vital Statistics

Volume 10 litres
OG 1051
Boil Volume 12 litres
Boil gravity 1042
Alcohol (ABV) 5 %
Colour 6 EBC (Pale yellow)
Bitterness 13 IBU
BU:GU 0.25
FG 1013


Pilsner Malt 3 EBC 967 g  43 %
Wheat Flour 3 EBC 1120 g  50 %
Cara Pils 4 EBC 150 g  7 %
Carbonation Dextrose 0 EBC (62) g
2237 g

Mash schedule

BIAB – 53-55 grader@30 min –> 62-64 grader@75min –> 10min@75


Hallertauer Mittelfruh or Tetnager 4.2 % 6 g 75 min
Hallertauer Mittelfruh or Tetnager 4.2 % 6 g 15 min
Hallertauer Mittelfruh or Tetnager 4.2 % 10 g 10 min
Cascade 9.0 % 16 g dry

Misc Ingredients

Coriander seeds 9.00 g End of boil 5min
Orange peel (bitter) 10.00 g End of boil 5min
Coriander seeds 7.00 g Fermentation 5min in starsan, wash in tap water, then in boiled water for 30 sec =dry 9 days
Irish moss 2.00 g End of boil 10 min
Lactic acid 80% 5.00 g Mash water


Fermentation MJ M21 Belgian Wit 18 °C 6 days
Fermentation No yeast added 23 °C 9 days
Lagering No yeast added 25 °C 10 days
Lagering No yeast added 5 °C 10 days


5 gram yeast rehydret at 29´C in 15 min no strewing, thereafter strewed and let for rest for 15 min, pitched at fermenation temp.
pH calculated with EZ!
Inspiration: https://www.homebrewersassociation.org/homebrew-recipe/beer-recipe-of-the-week-hoegaarden-white/

Brew Log: