Wheat Yeast Experiance (Bavaian Wheat among others)!

It is time to reflect a bit over the past year and in more details on the various experiance I have done with 19-20 wheat brews.
I have just recently  brewed my first  beer with liqured yeast (Weihenstephan 3068) and as said by many others liquied yeast do make a diffrent for a Bavaian Wheat at least.

But both  Mangrove Jack M20 and Lallemand Munich Classic Wheat yeast, do also give some very drinable beers (please notice Lallemand also have a regulare wheat yeast and it is said you should go for the “Classic” version).

I have so far don 6 brews for a Bavaian Wheat:

6). https://beercalc.org/?t=148694 (Weihenstephan 3068 liquid yeast)(BEST wheat I made so far)!
5).https://beercalc.org/?t=144835 (mix of M20 + Munich ClassiC wheat
4).https://beercalc.org/?t=146287 (mix of M20 + Munich Classic wheat
3).https://beercalc.org/?t=142090 (Munich Classic wheat
2).https://beercalc.org/?t=140250 (Munich Classic wheat)(INFICERET
1).https://beercalc.org/?t=135062 (M20)

Alle (besides the infected) have been consumed and enjoied, but the latest with liquied yeast is by far the bedst. If ranking them (please notice not same grain bill):  6 – 5 -3 – 1 – 4.

With Mangrove Jack M20 I have made “The Funky Dunkel” – Dunkel Wheat w.  Citra + Sea Buck Thorn:

Hoebaggen – (Hoegarden Clone):

Light Wheat w. Sea Buckthron:

Black Wheat:

WB06 brews:


Banana Taste = then you should use liquid yeast, eg.  Weihenstephan 3068!

MJ M20 = A very nice wheat yeast there is misisng a bit on the banana taste but give a good wheat-like body/moutnfeel. If you use this one for a Bavaian Wheat you should consider fermet it (semi) open, low O2 and also ferment it at low temps. Super yeast for a Dunkel and Black Wheat, but have aslo uesed it for a Wit-like beer w. corianders and orange peel (would recommend using MJ M21 instead but if limited go ahaed wih the M20 then). M20 keeos the yeast fine in supension wich I find important as we wish to have a bit of yeast in supension for a wheat beer and still be able to pour the bottle whitout get every drob/”leftovers” of yeast into the glas. Explosive yeast!

Lallemand Munich CLASSIC Wheat yeast = gives maybe a bit more “Weihenstephan 3068” banana taste, but the yeast is hard to keep in supension and wil become pilsner clear over time (reason I tried to mix this one with M20). Super yeast! I have not tried the regulare version of this yeast as I heard it was no good!

WB06 = thin body, tart to saurer! Watery, No-go!

M21 = Super wit yeast for a Hoegaarden clone! A really fast working yeast! Explosive yeast! This one also get rather clear over time!

Link for more info: http://braumagazin.de/article/stilportrait-weissbier-von-nelken-und-bananen/