Grape Wit/Wizen

A taste of summer, of Blood Grape, a long bitterness keeping on but never to much.

Volume 18 litres
OG 1048
Boil Volume 18 litres
Boil gravity 1048
Alcohol (ABV) 3.9 % (efficacy of 67)
Colour 19 EBC (Deep amber / light copper)
Bitterness 15 IBU
BU:GU 0.31
FG 1018


Flaked Wheat 3 EBC 2000 g
Red X* 30 EBC 2000 g
Cara Pils 4 EBC 150 g
Dextrose 0 EBC 115 g
4265 g
*You can use Pilsner too, but then use  some (200-400g) Melanoidin Malt!

Mash schedule

15 L Mash in 55 °C 20 min
Mash step 62 °C 60 min
add 5l as sprage for Mashout 70 °C 10 min

Total grain weight for mash: 4150 g


Just whatever you have for 15 IBU boil of 60 min. If you choose dry hop, Amarillo, Bavaian Mandarin and Citra goes very nice with this one! I thik the best is no dry hop as the bitterness and taste of the grape shines mostly then!

Misc Ingredients

Orange peel (bitter) 50.00 g End of boil 2min + 24h flameout/overnight chilling
Lactic acid 80% 5.00 g Mash water
Blood Grapes 0.00 g Fermentation 5 pcs peeled and heated to 70´C – blood Grape zest and fruit added for 7 days
Calcium Chloride 33% 6.00 g Mash water
Magnesium Sulphate 2.00 g Mash water


Fermentation MJ M21 Belgian Wit (dry yeast) or WLP320 American Hefeweizen Ale 18-20 °C 7 days
Fermentation No yeast added 22 °C 5 days
Fermentation No yeast added 3 °C 2 days

Details of Brews