Version 2 – DIY RIMS – 16L mash-turn including working overspill system!

Please find my 16L – version 2 DIY RIMS. I settled at 16L fermeter as a mash turn as it fits perfectly in my pot, and is suited f0r max. 4.5 kg gains + 15L mash water + 10L sparge water, witch will fill 15-18L brews depending on %ALC. I very seldom make bigger brews as my pot is only 21L and hence I boil around 18-19L then! The version 1 of my DIY RIMS is till visible at “DIY RIMS version 1”.


Price of my DIY RIMS version 2


  • Pot, free, if you come to this page you likely got a 20-25L pot!
  • 16L Fermenter, 7 EUR
  • Hop sachet, 0.5 EUR
  • Silicon Tube, 2 meter, 8 EUR
  • Tube connectors for pump, 3 EUR
  • 2 extra lid from 10L fermenter, 5 EUR.
  • A silicone glass-bottle air-lock holder, 3 EUR

“Control-box (CraftBeerPi) + hot plate + temperature stuff”, see “Controller PAGE“, around 60 EUR

“Pump”, see “Pump PAGE”. I went for a good quality pump, magnetic, brushless pump, 75 EUR, but I would today buy a less powerfull pump at around 45 EUR 

Cost In All, 130-150 EUR ~1/3 of the cheapest brewing systems as Ace, Brewmonk, Hop cat, and 1/6th of the price of a grainfather. As some of these system do also have a chiller included, it is not completely fair comparison. On the other hand, you might have some of the above already, and especially on the pump you might safe a bit and try some China pumps (I vent safe here)!

As I had most of these things lying around I have mainly had to buy the pump, and hence from re-using stuff for various other DIY projects (like NAS, Vide Sous, home-automation) I ended spending around 90 EUR on this!

Time spend, way to much, even it dosent look very complicated there vent a good share of time into this! So if you dont think it fun to make you own brewing system as I do…….go ahead and buy a full China-bling system witch likely shines for a brief moment!