DIY RIMS – A Work in Progress!

Oh my, I ended where I promised not to end….after 80-90 brews I started looking at complicating my brew life, more precise at those Single-Vessel-Brewing-Systems like Grainfather, and after looking at also alternatives it was clear to me it was just to much China-bling, and I decided to make my own DIY RIMS (Recirculating Infusion Mash System) for a 5th of the price of a Grainfather, hence, the name “Cheapfather Brewery”.

So this page is about making you own RIMS, and it should for 90% do at least the same as Grainfather:

  • Web-based Control (Grainfather only got Bluetooth though)!
  • PID control of heating
  • Single-Vessel
  • Better Pump + usable for transfer of beer
  • Re-using current equipment, pot, as much as possible!
  • Less China-bling, more control, also if something breaks down!



The reason I went for a single-vessel RIMS is mainly it ease the brewing process and still hold good efficacy. Foremost, it produce a very clear wort coz to the recirculating. By adding PID control for temperature control we can at the same time get a very consistent temperature as long as we dont get stuck mash (more about this later on). For a more in depth description of RIMS/HEMS/HLT please take a look at the internet.

RIMS do not make better beers than BIAB nor do it give better efficacy in general, the strength besides the curiosity of something new (evolving), is the clarity of wort, multiply temperature/mashing steps and especially a better distribution of the heat in the mash, giving a more equal mashing and in the end a higher quality of the produced wort. Again, this does not necessarily give a better beer than BIAB, but dealing with bigger amounts/brew seizes above 10L it seems a bit easier in my eyes.